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Wheel loaders are a type of heavy machinery that is used in construction, as well as for many other non construction tasks. Wheel loaders, as opposed to track loaders, have sturdy tires equipped with large, rugged tread that allows for optimum maneuverability. Mini, small, large and super wheel loaders; skid steers; front loaders and backhoe loaders are the most common types of wheel loaders.

Wheel loaders have a square bucket, called the loader, which is maneuvered by flexible arms. The loader is either a permanent fixture or an attachment secured to either the front or back of the machine. Some wheel loaders, such as a backhoe loader, have a bucket in the front and a backhoe in the rear. This kind of machine is able to dig with the backhoe and remove the unearthed material with the loader.

Wheel loaders have the ability to perform four general tasks; scooping, digging, dumping and carrying. They are commonly used for carrying construction materials like bricks, pipes and rock. Wheel loaders are also efficient for snow removal in commercial areas. Farms also employ various types of Wheel loaders for many reasons, including scooping and transporting hay and excavating the land. Mini Wheel loaders can be used inside buildings.

Wheel loaders have an advantage over track loaders, because Wheel loaders are easier on paved roads and other sensitive environments. Track loaders are more suited to tasks that involve digging, because Wheel loaders are unable to dig much below the tires without getting stuck. When a task involves transport or shallow excavation, Wheel loaders are less destructive and therefore more efficient in the long term.

YJM Wheel Loaders Main Feature

  1. Equipment be designed with single lever, horizontal positioned lift cylinder, automatic leveling function.
  2. Optimized hydraulic system saves more time and much energy.
  3. Single lever in Z-bar linkage with sealed hinge pins for excellent high breakout force and large dumping height.
  4. Optional attachments provided with buckets in different capacity, side dump bucket, log fork, lifting tool, weed fork, pallet fork and so on, be suitable for variable material.
  5. Using special wear well steel for bucket long service life.
  6. New cab is equipped with air conditioner, reduced vibration, optimum visibility, making a clean and comfortable work environment.
  7. Engine hood can be opened integrally backward making easy maintenance.
  8. More reasonable distribution of axle load makes greater tractive force.
  9. Novel outline design.
  10. Key-block type propeller shaft with strong shock resistance, transmitting power reliably.
  11. Articulated chassis makes small turning radius and machine flexible.

Shanghai Ying Ji Machinery Trading Co., LTD. (YJMT) is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. The corporation’s main business is machinery export, include construction machinery, crane machinery, mining machinery, special doors, beauty equipment etc. We supplies Wheel loader for sale and we have exported Wheel loader to many countries.

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