Spiral Conveyor

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For carrying materials or packages from one place to another the conveyor belt system is used. The conveyors are used not only in small and big industries but are also used in mining and tunneling operations. Spiral conveyors are those types of conveyors that are very effective in tight spaces. They are also known as spiral lift, spiral curve, spiral elevator, or spiral lowerator, case lift and case elevator.

Features of spiral conveyors:

  • During tunnel excavation process, materials after being crushed are removed from the boring chamber by a spiral conveyor.
  • During tunnel construction, spiral conveyor functions like an Archimedean screw.
  • The spoil on a conveyor belt is deposited by the screw and from conveyor it is transported into small work trains.
  • While boring in areas with heavy water inflows, the excavated material and a continuously filled spiral conveyor ensure that the pressure in the excavation chamber is maintained.

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