Sheepsfoot Roller

Sheepsfoot roller is one of the most commonly used soil compactor used by contractors and builders all over the world. The sheepsfoot roller is a self propelled heavy machinery which run static and are typically mowed. This type of roller is available in variety of sizes depending on the nature of the soils.

Sheepsfoot Roller Mechanism

The sheepsfoot roller works very well on cohesive soils. At low moisture contents the resulting compaction of such soils by sheepsfoot roller is probably better than other types of machinery. In wet conditions they are used frequently. The sheepsfoot compacts, from the bottom of each lift to the top.

Tamping Foot Roller

The tamping foot roller combines the advantages of both the sheepsfoot and steel wheel. Like the sheepsfoot roller, it compacts from the bottom to the top of the lift for uniform density and like the steel wheel, it compacts from the top of the lift. The tamping foot roller is capable of high rolling speeds without throwing material because of the design profile of the tamping foot.

Sheepsfoot Roller Uses

These days, contractors use varied soil and aggregate compactors. The most popular one is sheepsfoot roller as this type of roller can compact the soil directly beneath the foot tip. Because of high pressure applied on the soils and the high compaction speed, the sheepsfoot roller is very useful in the construction of both small and big dams. According to leading manufacturers of construction machines, the sheepsfoot roller is most effective and efficient for compaction of plastic soils like clay or silt.

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