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Self-erecting cranes, generally a type of tower crane, also called self-assembling or “Kangaroo” cranes, lift themselves off the ground using jacks, allowing the next section of the tower to be inserted at ground level or lifted into place by the partially erected crane itself. They can thus be assembled without outside help, or can grow together with the building or structure they are erecting.

Key Features of the Self-Erecting Cranes

  1. Reduce building times.
  2. All materials placed safely and quickly exactly where required on the build, not precariously on scaffold edge.
  3. Lintels, structural steel and roof trusses placed without the need of expensive contract lift crane hire.
  4. Reduce site noise levels.
  5. Reduce site traffic movement, particularly helpful when ground conditions are poor.
  6. Allows small difficult access sites to be developed, particularly in town situations where space is often very restricted and at a premium.
  7. No engines, transmissions, tyres or batteries, reducing down time and lowering operating costs dramatically.
  8. Long life highly galvanized product.
  9. Very low operating, maintenance and depreciation costs, and consequently good residual value.

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