Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutter is an indispensable part of the tunnel boring machine which are used to excavate tunnels by drilling the tunnel face with a circular cross section through a variety of ground types. For different types of geology different types of shields are used for boring tunnels. These shields are armed with the rotary cutter. Rotary cutting head helps in producing of a smooth tunnel surface and have little detrimental effect on the surrounding geology. Chamber of the tunnel boring machine receives an excavating materials such as soil, sand, gravel, clay and their mixtures.

Mounted on the forward end of a rotary shaft, rotary cutter penetrates through the chamber for axial rotation and simultaneously rocks in an axial direction. The cutter has a conical cutter face plate having holes for passing the excavated material is received into the chamber to be discharged from the excavator. A tunneling machine body having a rotary cutterhead can be moved continuously by exerting advancing thrust force on it. Due to this force cutter heads are used with great ease for excavating tunnel in different topography which ranges from hard rocks to softer soils.

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