RF Beauty Equipment

Cooling RF is radio frequency which can penetrate epidermis into deep dermis. The radio frequency motivates water molecules to move at high speed, then produces heat and the temperature reaches to 45-65. This leads to subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue and makes the loose skin and wrinkle tightened immediately. Moreover, the treatment effect causes collagen re-growth and reconstruction. Meanwhile, it renovates old and damaged collagen; realizes the immediate effect of skin tightening, long-term wrinkle reduction and ease anti-aging.

APPLICATION Of RF Beauty Equipment:

1. Wrinkle reduction.

2. Skin tightening.

3. Body shaping.

4. Fat dissolving.

RF Beauty Equipment  ADVANTAGES:

1. 12.1 inches TFT touch LCD;

2. User-friendly and exquisite operating interface;

3. Foot pedal and button switch control system, which satisfy various operating habits of our  therapists.

4. Infrared skin testing device (optional) can precisely display the temperature of the tissue, which can make the treatment safe and effective.

5. Optional IC function facilitates the management of the machine, such as renting or cooperation

6. Treatment parameter memory function convenient for treatment.

7. CE certificate.

Shanghai Ying Ji Machinery Trading Co., LTD. (YJMT) is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. The corporation’s main business is machinery export, include construction machinery, crane machinery, mining machinery, special doors, beauty equipment etc. We supplies RF Beauty Equipment for sale and we have exported RF Beauty Equipment to many countries.

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