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    Planers are large-sized shaping machines that move the actual metal product as opposed to moving the cutting mechanism. The result is similar to that of a milling machine, making planers ideal for shaping flat or long surfaces. Modern milling machines are somewhat superior to planers in most applications; however,Boraching Machine planers are still beneficial when extremely large metal components require squaring off.

    A planer is a type of metalworking machine tool that uses linear relative motion between the workpiece and a single-point cutting tool to machine a linear toolpath. Its cut is analogous to that of a lathe, except that it is (archetypally) linear instead of helical. (Adding axes of motion can yield helical toolpaths; see “Helical planing” below.) A planer is analogous to a shaper, but larger, and with the entire workpiece moving on a table beneath the cutter, instead of the cutter riding a ram that moves above a stationary workpiece. The table is moved back and forth on the bed beneath the cutting head either by mechanical means, such as a rack and pinion drive or a leadscrew, or by a hydraulic cylinder.

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