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    Pipe Layer Machines

    Pipe layer dozers are those heavy machines that are utilized for laying heavy pipes. Apart from dozers, Pipe layer machines are of different kinds like heavy duty tractors, wheel front loaders, wheel tractors, cranes etc. The pipelayer machines are either wheel mounted or are track mounted. Track mounted are meant to work in rough terrains.

    Mechanical Operations

    In general, pipelayer dozers or other pipelayer machines consists of hooks, booms, adjustable counterweight and winch. Powered by the diesel engine, they use hydraulic mechanical technology to lift and lay the heavy pipes. With high-strength steel structure, pipe-layer boom is designed with a considerable safety margin in case of possible overloads during lifting operations.

    Applications of Pipe Layer Machines

    The various application of pipelayer dozers are :

    • Lifting and transporting pipes for various industrial and civil engineering projects.
    • Construction of underground pipes for various purposes.
    • Construction of oil and gas pipelines.
    • Construction of sewer pipes.

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