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Jib crane


Jib crane

A jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar, which is a style of cranes in case of which a horizontal portion called the boom or the jib supports a moveable hoist and is generally attached firmly to a wall or a pillar fixed to the floor. This type of crane consists of a pivoting head and boom assembly which carries a hoist and trolley unit. The pivoting head is supported either by a floor-mounted mast providing 360 degree boom rotation or by an existing building column which provides 180 degrees of boom rotation.

The most common applications for jib cranes are individual workstations; e.g., machine tools, welding/fabrication stations, and some small assembly stations. They are also often used in simple loading / unloading operations where it is not necessary to spot a load precisely. Jib cranes most often handle lighter loads at lower duty cycles than their bridge and gantry crane counterparts. A “classic” application for jibs is to outfit an assembly floor with a series of jibs at individual workstations, which are then supported by an overhead crane to lift / carry full assemblies. The hook coverage is limited to the boom length (typically a maximum of 20 ft.). The hook operates along a boom which rotates about a fixed point. If there is a need for precise locating of heavy loads, a large area of hook coverage, or frequent use for heavy loads, the jib crane may not be the best solution.

Jib cranes have 3 key features

  1. They do not always rotate in an angular manner. They
    also pick up and lower loads apart from carrying them from side
    to side.
  2. Crane jibs come in a variety of designs like floor mounted, wall mounted, unsupported, etc
  3. Floor or wall mounted crane jibs are capable of
    carrying higher quantities of load than the ones that have to be
    mounted on walls.


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