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Gantry crane

Long popular in Europe, gantry cranes have become a widely accepted alternative to overhead bridge cranes. This type of crane is similar to the bridge crane except that it runs on a runway at the floor level. The bridge is supported by a pair of rigid steel legs which are carried by a pair of end trucks along the floor level runway. Gantry cranes often costs less than a bridge crane and built to heavy duty Class D specifications, which meet the demands of high duty cycles and multiple shift operation, as well as providing decades of reliable service for all applications. Gantry cranes is available in spans to 150 feet and capacities to 150 tons and can be used either indoors or outside.

A gantry crane may save your money. Because gantry cranes ride on the ground rather than on overhead runways, they don’t require a runway structure. Nor do they usually require concrete foundations. Their installation is fast and simple. Depending on the environment and application, gantry cranes can sometimes provide the same material handling capabilities as a comparable bridge crane system, but with a significant cost savings.

However, not all gantry cranes cost less than their bridge crane counterparts. A gantry crane is a more cost-effective alternative if:

  1. You are currently in a leased facility and do not want to make a major investment in a bridge crane runway structure.
  2. You may be planning to move the crane in the near future and want to take your entire investment with you.
  3. You require a crane system that moves loads between the interior and exterior of your building.
  4. You need long runway structures of over 150 feet where the runway steel and foundation costs are very high.


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