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Stacker crane

A crane with a forklift type mechanism used in automated (computer controlled) warehouses. The crane moves on a track in an aisle of the warehouse. The fork can be raised or lowered to any of the levels of a storage rack and can be extended into the rack to store and retrieve product. The product can in some cases be as large as an automobile. Stacker cranes are often used in the large freezer warehouses of frozen food manufacturers. This automation avoids requiring forklift drivers to work in below freezing temperatures every day.

  1. Stability of load handing through smooth acceleration & deceleration controls by S-Curve
  2. Increased load weight by super high-speed type
  3. Stabilized structure design featured by low noise & low vibration
  4. Easy maintenance through checking error code history & trouble shooting by monitor
  5. Precision controlling driving & lift location through distance measurement by Laser sensor and flexible correspond to lean of rack
  6. Slim Fork development in European Load area (Thickness 65mm)? Minimalization of Pork Thickness
  7. Re-operating & constraint finishing to abnormal work
  8. Detailed indication of Crane condition
  9. Maximized utility by GUI
  10. Self-studying ability
  11. Remote manual handling without entering a rack passage
  12. Troubleshooting & solution guide if error’s occurred

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