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Gas Tight Door

YJMT offer a customized a range of gas tight doors and hatches manufactured in painted steel, alloy or any grade of stainless steel for clean room environments.


Typical applications for gas tight and air tight steel hinged door sets include bio-hazard laboratories, pharmaceutical and industrial clean rooms, gas tight enclosures, water treatment facilities, sewage treatment works, government labourites, fumigation suites, research facilities, hospitals, military buildings, and universities.

Gas & Blast

The heavier range of gas tight steel doors sets also double as blast resistant door sets for the storage of flammable or explosive materials, these are frequently used on battery rooms, chemical storage facilities and flammable liquid stores.

Military buildings, hardened shelters and CCR buildings require blast resistant doors that during operational mode will double as a gas tight door with the capstans enguaged. This will prevent the ingress of chemical or nerve agents into the building from accidental spillage or deliberate attack.

Seal Options

A range of sealing material is used depending on the doors application. Neoprene, EPDM and Viton is used both in an extruded form or as a closed cell sponge to varying densities.

Air tight doors will require a closed cell expanded neoprene seal for infrequent use whilst extruded neoprene dumbbell section is required on airlock chambers frequent use and durability. Viton is generally used for toxic vapours on military or research facilities.

Locking Arrangements

Optional locking systems for gas tight door include Rack and pinion multi point locking with internal independent capstan facilities for hardened shelters.

Internal lever handle exit deivce to BS EN 179:1998 with automatic latching.

Dead lock device with manual external key and internal turn knob release and optional snib facility.

Electro-mechanical access control device with auto deadlocking, electronic monitering and 12V, 24V or 50 V solenoid.


Subject to the blast load requirements optional glazing includes:

Georgian wire 6mm glass

Three ply 11.5mm antibandit laminate glass

Double glazed units, external three ply 11.5mm with 4mm internal K glass (to comply with current building regulations) Laxan marguard 8mm

Shanghai Ying Ji Machinery Trading Co., LTD. (YJMT) is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. The corporation’s main business is machinery export, include construction machinery, crane machinery, mining machinery, special doors, beauty equipment etc. We supplies Gas Tight Door for sale and we have exported¬†Gas Tight Door¬†to many countries.


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