Floating Crane

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Floating cranes are used mainly in bridge building and port construction, but they are also used for occasional loading and unloading of especially heavy or awkward loads on and off ships. Some floating cranes are mounted on a pontoon, others are specialized crane barges with a lifting capacity exceeding 10,000 short tons (8,929 long tons; 9,072 t) and have been used to transport entire bridge sections. floating cranes have also been used to salvage sunken ships.

Floating cranes are the ideal choice for cargo handling on waterways with few quays or none at all or if capacities have been exhausted, which are based on proven Mobile Harbour Crane technology, for cargo handling independent of quay availability and designed for ship-to-ship or ship-to-quay handling. Floating cranes are mobile and can be used in rivers (mid-stream transhipment), in ports, in protected waters, in coastal waters and on the open sea.

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