Electric Wheel Loader

Construction vehicle loader, having buckets on either end is used for lifting and moving materials. Equipped with electric motors and mechanical arms they performs the functions of loading and unloading with great ease. Electric loaders are very efficient machinery whose versatility is increased by additional equipments like buckets, grapples, forks, etc. The Electronic Control Module (ECM) system of the electric loaders works in an optimal gear by detecting its load and speed.

Applications Of Electric Wheel Loaders

Electric wheel loaders have following utilizations:

  • Since electric wheel loaders main function is lifting and moving materials.
  • It has great utility in various types of mining and tunneling operations.
  • Removal of granular substance and other solid materials from tunnels.
  • Helps in the transportation of various devices and materials in tunnels.
  • With various attachments like grapples breakers etc they are also utilized for light demolitions for making tunnels.

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