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dozer is a heavy, driver-operated machine for clearing and grading land, usually having continuous treads and a broad hydraulic blade in front. The function of the dozer is determined by the types of the blade it has used. Early dozers used pulleys and cables for the manipulation of the blades but modern dozer uses hydraulic system. Many modern dozers have a ripper claw with a hardened tungsten steel tip mounted on the end opposite the shovel. The ripper is used to break up compacted ground or paved areas.

Types Of Dozers

Based on the size, nature of work and the blades used, dozers are of following types :

  • Bulldozer
  • Scrape Dozers

Applications Of Dozers

Dozers finds their application in the following areas :

  • Earthmoving
  • Road construction
  • Mining
  • Military purpose
  • Loading ores into hoppers at mines
  • Lifting various materials
  • Breaking pavements and compacted grounds

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