LLP Series Dedusting & Ash Conveying Device

LLP is targeted for the new tendency for pollution control, it combine purification and ash conveying, LLP features with high-efficiency, high automatic control level, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, it is widely used in the dust and gas purification system in the metallurgy, chemical, construction, light industry.

Feature Of LLP Series Dedusting & Ash Conveying Device

1) Advanced technology & Combinatorial optimization

The device is equipped with the advanced low-pressure long bag pulse dust collector, the combined with the low-pressure pulse blowing and the blow back ash cleaning system, it also select the first-class level scraper, bucket elevator, humidification device and the automatically grease lubrication system.

2) Microcomputer monitoring and low energy consumption

The equipment use the Siemens programmable controller to centralize monitoring the complete system. The dedusting equipment also adopt the timed or constant pressure difference program control to reduce the energy consumption

3) Rational Structure

The device uses the modular frame structure, the convenient open cover from the top, The change of the bag, point inspection can be done without stopping the fan, and it is easy for maintenance. The cover also adopts the whole block pressing process to strengthen the sealing measure, and the air leakage rate is less than 2%.

4) Full range specification

The handling capacity ranges from 40000-1100000M3/h

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