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Crusher Machine

Crusher machines are needed for constructing heavy infrastructure crushed rocks and stone materials. The crushers reduces the size of the big rocks and materials to a minimal size for the purpose of constructing dams, buildings, roads, etc.

There are different types of crushers that are used for the purpose of crushing :

  • Jaw crusher
  • Cone crusher
  • Impact crusher
  • Roller crusher
  • Pressure crusher

The size of these crushers varies according to the size of the materials to be crushed. The main component of jaw crusher is pitman which forms the moving side of the jaw, while the stationary or fixed jaw forms the other. jaw crusher moves through the eccentric machining of the flywheel shaft. jaw crusher rotates through sheave pulley having multiple V-belt grooves.

In cone crusher the two conical surface namely the mantle and the concave, crushes rocks. In a pressure crusher slow and extreme pressure is applied to compress whatever is set down inside the crushing plates. Whereas in impact crusher instead of pressure impact is applied. The impact crusher is generally used with soft material such as coal, seeds, or soft metallic ores. In roller crusher materials are crushed between two rollers which rotates in opposite directions.

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