Machineries used for reducing the size of the waste materials through compaction is called as compactors. Compactors are available in different shapes, sizes and configuration. Normally the compactors are powered by the hydraulics and are very useful. There are different types of compactors like plate compactors, vibratory compactors, sheeps foot compactors, steel rollers compactors with rubber tyres, etc.

Of many types of compactors the most important type of compactor is Soil Compactor.

Compacting is the major application of compactors. They are mainly used for compacting of :

  • Roads both asphalt and concrete
  • Pavements
  • Highways
  • Airport runways
  • Smaller streets and town areas.

Shanghai Ying Ji Machinery Trading Co., LTD. (YJMT) is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. The corporation’s main business is machinery export, include construction machinery, crane machinery, mining machinery, etc. We supplies Compactors for sale and we have exported Compactors to many countries.

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