Canals construction

Canal Liners


    Canal Liners

    Lining of canal is the most important feature of canal construction as it prevents water loss through seepage. Canal is lined with various materials like concrete, earth materials, membranes etc.

    The various features of canal liners are :

    • The canal is lined with the help of canal paver and is completed by using finisher.
    • High precision cylinder finisher is used for lining the canals.
    • The width of the lining and paving can be above 20 meters.
    • The lining process can be completed at a faster rate by using these pavers or liners.
    • The machines having undercarriage and consisting of a spreader augar spreads the concrete to level which is compacted by the finishing cylinder.
    • For lining canal machines can be used alternatively for bed and slope finishing.

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