Asphalt Wheeled Paver

Asphalt wheeled paver is widely used paver machine that manipulates asphalt for the construction and the maintenance of roads. Like other pavers it too has a tractor and screed as its main components. As it has a wheel drive, axle, two-speed gearbox, and two-speed hydraulic drive motor is installed.

As the crawler paver moves forward, material is discharged from the delivery lorry, in a tipping action. The mixed material is limited to the width of the screed by side gates attached to the screed. However it should be noted that the height of the asphalt, which is in front of the screed, should be maintained at a constant level. Some of the other constituents of the wheeled asphalt plants are push rollers, hoppers, conveyors augers and side arms.

Applications Of Asphalt Wheeled Paver

Asphalt wheeled paver is mainly utilized in the following areas:

  • Industrial areas
  • Landscape projects
  • Paving highways
  • Maintenance of roads
  • Parking lots etc.

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