Asphalt Mixing Plants

Asphalts are the major ingredients of road construction. They are prepared processed and made suitable for the road, highway and pavement construction in various mixing plants. Asphalt plants are basically of following types – batch plant, drum mix plant, continuous mix plant, central mixing plant, and mixed in place construction.

Asphalt Mixing Plants Mechanical Operations

In Asphalt mixing plants asphalt binders are prepared. Aggregates after being heated, blended, and dried, are mixed with an asphalt binder to produce a hot asphalt paving mixture. The mixing plant may be small and simple or it may be large and complex, depending on the types and quantity of asphalt mixtures being produced. The plant may be mobile or stationary asphalt mixing plants.

Asphalt concrete is considered to be the highest quality of plant mix. It consists of well-graded, high-quality aggregate and asphalt cement. The asphalt and aggregates are heated separately, and proportioned, after which they are mixed until the aggregate particles are coated with asphalt. The hot mixture, are then transported to the construction site where they are spreaded on the roadways with an asphalt-paving machine. The asphalts, before they are cooled are compacted by rollers to proper density.

Asphalt Mixing Plants Application

Asphalt mixing plants process and mixes asphalts for their usage in following areas :

  • Paving of roads and other paths.
  • Construction of highways.
  • Runways on air ports.
  • Patching of roads and other pavements etc.

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