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Asphalt concrete paver


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    Asphalt concrete paver

    The multifunction asphalt concrete paver is applicable to the paving operation of various kinds of road basic stabilizing material and surface material. The travel of the paver is driven independently by right and left sides, and controlled by microcomputer.

    Asphalt concrete paver main feature

    1. The machine is mainly used for asphalt pavement of high-grade highways and municipal roads and is also applicable for paving various stable layers.
    2. The traveling, delivering and separating systems all adopt full-hydraulic independent driving device and controlled by microcomputer,
    3. Hopper capacity is great and theoretical productivity is high.
    4. CAN bus control mode equipped with controller specialized for EPEC and LCD
    5. Finishing slab is in the form of hydraulic pressure telescoping, single ooncrete vibrating, noncentral concrete vibrating and gas heating.
    6. The electric injection and water cooled engine complying with Euro III standard teatuns strong power.
    7. Full-hydraulic and independent drive micro-computer control for the traveling conveying and feeding systems the constant speed auto-control technology to control the pave speed.
    8. The rise and drop of the auger are independent controlled that its height against the ground can be adjusted based on the pavement thinness.
    9. Faults-checking technology and performing maintenance easily.

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