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    An articulated truck is a type of tractor-trailer unit which is always used in construction work. We can use articulated trucks to haul heavy loads. In an articulated truck,its drive system is based on some wheels on the axles. And there are some different drive systems including 6 x 6 system,6 x 4 system,and also 4 x 4 system. For example: The 6 x 6 system means the truck has six wheels on three axles. If you want to buy an articulated truck, please tell us your demands.

    The main feature of an articulated truck that puts it in a separate driving class is its drive system. The drive system is based on the number of wheels on the axles used to pull the truck. The most common system is the 6 x 6 system, in which the truck has six wheels on three axles and all are used when driving the truck.

    Another system used is the 6 x 4 drive, in which only the rear four wheels are used when driving. The original drive system in articulated trucks is the famous 4 x 4 drive. This was designed for trucks that drive over the roughest terrain on the planet. The 4 x 4 drive system helps the truck maneuver over terrain that could be a potential problem for the goods being carried.

    An articulated truck can be used to carry all kinds of goods. The 4 x 4 drive system, for instance, is most often used for loads such as flammable liquid. An articulated truck also has the ability to carry loads of up to 40 tons in weight. This is why it is so popular in the construction industry, in which heavy materials are used.

    One of the problems of the articulated truck is found with the rear trailer. Because of its coupling system, the trailer works independently from the driving cab. A skilled driver needs to keep a watchful eye on the trailer using side view mirrors. Because of the independence of the trailer, the driver has no sense of the trailer’s motion. There are now video cameras that can be installed in the trailer to allow drivers to be aware of the trailer’s movement.

    The articulated truck is one of the most versatile hauling vehicles in the world. Because of its versatility and mobility, it is used in a variety of industries, not just construction. Think of the large logging companies that transport huge numbers of trees; this would not be possible without the articulated truck. The military has a huge fleet of various types of articulated trucks, some of which are specially armored. You even have the articulated truck to thank for your garbage collection once a week.

    Shanghai Ying Ji Machinery Trading Co., LTD. (YJMT) is a specially authorized foreign trade corporation. The corporation’s main business is machinery export, include construction machinery, crane machinery, mining machinery, special doors, beauty equipment etc. We supplies Articulated truck for sale and we have exported Articulated truck to many countries

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