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Road roller

A road roller, also called a roller compactor, or just roller, is a compactor type engineering vehicle used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations, similar rollers are used also at landfills or in agriculture. The road roller can compact the sandy, half sticky and sticky soil, asphalt and other road ways.

In the construction machinery, road roller belongs to the road equipment. road roller can be widely used to compacting the highway, railway, airport pavement, embank, stadium and so on.

The types of road roller or roller compactor

  1. Manual walk-behind
    Powered walk-behind (electric or diesel/gas powered)
  2. Trench roller (manual units or radio-frequency remote control)
  3. Ride-on
  4. Ride-on with knock-down bar
  5. Ride-on articulating-swivel
  6. Vibratory road roller
  7. Pneumatic road roller
  8. Tandem roller
  9. Tractor-mounted and powered

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